April 28, 2008

wear palettes


tanky said...

I love your blog and featured it on mine.

Frida the Chihuahua said...

I'm soooo jealous! how did you get your blog on the Blogger homepage?!?! (I guess it is neat-o. Everything matches!)

My name's Frida the Chihuahua.

Check out my blog too. You'd be surprised what a five-month-old chihuahua writes!

Frida the Chihuahua

treebough said...

this is my new favorite blog

paige said...

I have banned men wearing red or orange cords. This man is awfully close to that.

Tekno Boy said...

wow, thats so my style, great colours. The beard's not me though.

These palettes could be used for so much more than fashion too.

For my next site design, I'm coming back for a few ideas...