about wear palettes

Who are you?
I'm a swiss graphic design student.

And Nicholas de Fleury?
A schmuck who makes comments.

This color is not on the clothing.
Could be the hair, the watch, the skin, the bag or the bike.

Anything else?
Contact me.


All the photos rights are of the sartorialist

the sartorialist

COLOURLovers | Fight for love in the color revolution



Samantha said...

Hi, I love this idea. So clever. I posted about you here:

Keiler said...

You've put together a very interesting resource. The next time I teach design or color I'll send my students your way.

Mischa said...

These are so beautiful and inspiring! I love all of the combinations, and I am really such a color snob. This is such a lovely way to think about color combinations.

Meg said...

Thank you for this! As a designer and a Sartorialist addict I'm loving your palettes...

onethousandohms said...

Simple, clean, and very well executed. Cheers!


Andrew said...

Your take on "The Sartorialist" is just as simple and elegant as his.

Oliver Nissen said...

This is a really handy short-cut for designers like me.

I've found inspiration from both the Sartorialist & Colour Lovers for some time now and have only just discovered your blog. I'll be a regular vister from now on.

A great resource. Thanks for the hard work you put in, please keep it up.

Le Sceptique said...


I really admire your work, selecting the colors is not easy even from a photo. I wrote a little entry about your blog here:

Good luck!

Grace said...

Hi ~ your site is brilliant.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think your idea is gerat! I love this site. Ive always searched for sth like this.
I think tou're underestimated xd
Good luck, <3

Brianna McCarthy said...

This is awonderfully creative site. Kudos! :)

AMS said...

This such a great idea. I love the Sartorialist and have also found that the colour palettes in his photographs are very aesthetically pleasing. I will definitely be sharing this.

fairyjanis said...

very cool project

missDTM said...

this is brilliant. i came across your site when i was trying to find some inspiration and definitely found it here.

i then posted your blog on my blog:


liwo said...

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look said...